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Sunday, 17 March 2019

What it would take for me to leave Christianity | Honest Answer

I have made my life sentence 'Jesus Till Eternity' and it probably would be my death sentence. But I've been asked multiple times what it would take for me to completely disbelieve in God and/or Jesus Christ.

I always dismiss it and say nothing, but i realized that answer is just for people who don't want to think deep into the issue. Many people who have forsaken the faith probably said "never" once. With the increase in knowledge and easier access to information, many people who leave Christianity feel wiser when they leave than when they believed. Let me go straight to the point, the tip of the needle (pun intended).

Firstly, If i ever stop believing in Jesus, i would immediately stop believing in the idea of a personal God (every other religion). Then, for me to stop believing in 'a God' existing, i would need to completely think that His existence is unnecessary in the universe.

Yes, modern knowledge gives us theories and laws that govern nature and most of everything we are experiencing, would experience, or have experienced. So, it does a relatively good job at indicating that an external intervention is completely unnecessary and things are running fine without external influence (God's influence).

But for me, it all comes down to the fact that there hasn't (i doubt they ever will), been any concrete reasons to indicate that external influence is unnecessary in the beginning of the universe, as there is no generally agreed upon beginning of the universe. Many think the Big Bang is generally accepted, well it's not.

Secondly, there is no reason to believe that the origin of life was from an external influence: life from lifeless matter. This concept still continues to puzzle biologists and other scientists alike. I must pay tribute to  various theories on the origin of life which have since been disproven (not going to list them and their flaws, so i don't bore people who don't care about this stuffs, u can DM me on instagram to ask. I'm always ready to chat).

Thirdly, u would have to disprove the fact that Jesus existed or the story Christians know about Jesus or the things written about Him. If you can't authoritatively disprove the written things of Jesus, then He actually said the things we know He said and died and actually resurrected. He claimed divinity (forgave sins), He indicated the existence of a God that cares about Human affairs. So if somebody who said before hand that He would resurrect, actually did resurrect i would have to respect what He says about a God.

That's all! I wouldn't go further, because this is getting too long. Nowadays, attention span is shorter than ever. The fact that you clicked into a Christian related post is a plus, I'm grateful you came here. I would be posting every week or at least once in 2 weeks.

Stay tuned, feel free to share and comment your thoughts.

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