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Monday, 5 November 2018



The Bible says shine your light to the world, its not as easy considering the things I face in this world
I am struggling day and night to become something worthy of good then the Lord says be still I'm here to fight for you.
I think about how forsaken I feel and how out of control everything seems to be
I go on my knees and cry to my father and he whispers its all part of the plan
He is my strength and I know that I will be strong in him 
I'll take a leap of faith and I know that everything will be alright
Cause my God is the truth, he is the way and he is the life and i know the plans he has for me cause I am blessed.
You know there is something that I have always believed 
That when you fall you will definitely rise up again
Mama's voice keeps ringing in my ear in trouble
My situation ain't my conclusion so i gotta fight back
And I know that I am not alone cause he has promised he will never leave my side ever
He told me he knew me before I was formed and if I have got him 
                                          I'M REALLY GONNA FIGHT BACK.

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