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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Ten Attitudes of wolves we humans should emulate

I wrote this article a while back at the then existing teamaceblog

Although we may be higher in intellect, IQ, reasoning, creativity, etc. we can't deny that we can learn a lot just by studying animals.

After reading over 75 articles on wolves and other related animals, i came up with these 10 attitudes and characteristics we must emulate:

1. High Level of Self- Confidence: The rugged wolf is athletic, good-looking and brimming with self-confidence. They are the kind of animals that are not easily intimidated or get the feeling of being inferior, especially when they are in packs.

2. Hardworking: Wolves never shy away from challenges, work or romance, they are not built to be lazy animals. A lone wolf (a wolf without a pack) often find it more difficult to get on a regular meal schedule, because it has to hunt and kill alone. A wolf can survive like this for over 8 years, But if given the right conditions and environment they can last for about 16years.

3. Great Family Values: One of the most notable traits and behavior is their high level of commitment and values placed on their packs, they often look out for what they can contribute to the family(pack), rather than what they can get.  They are willing to take the bullet for each other.

4. Obedience: Despite the fact that they are highly independent and confident animals, they never disobey an instruction given by the Alpha Male (leader of the pack) even if the instruction could get them killed.

5. Extremely Loyal: Many inexperienced individuals have termed them unpredictable, Research shows that once a wolf gets social with any animal, other wolves or humans. they often stay loyal till death. That explains why a wolf would belong and be loyal to pack even if it knows that they alpha male would chase it out of the pack as soon as they approach sexual maturity.

6. Great communicators: They are always ready to communicate emotions. They are one of the few animals that use facial expressions(like humans) to communicate their thoughts, emotions, etc. They don't hide whats in their hearts.

7. Finishers: You don't want to be in the position of a wolf chasing you because unlike Lions(When an ambush fails, Lions often give up) they intend to complete their hunt. They also being comfortable and excellent swimmers gives them an edge to chase a prey wherever it goes. Highly determined animals.

 8. Observant: With a short range of eye-sight about 180 degrees, they easily detect blind-spots (The weakest link in a preys body or movement) and once that spot is discovered, they aim to get that part, making very skilled hunters. blind-spots may include Knee cap, ankles, legs, necks etc.

 9. Very Resourceful: They are die-hard survivours, they can manipulate their environment or any available resource to their total advantage. Wolves are known to survive in extremely harsh weather conditions like cold, heat and even around dangerous predators which includes humans especially in India.

10. Good Looking: I know you are wondering how you can emulate being good looking since you were born this way. But i can boldly say true beauty comes from within. i rest my case.

Am Very sure if we Emulate at least 5 of the above we would become better people.
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