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Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Market Square

Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels


Sunrise was approaching again, my crushed hopes long with it. The sound of petty traders opening their stalls filled the air. They exchanged greetings and reviews on the progress of the market. I wondered why they did that. Of course, the slave market progressed; the products were in surplus. We were traded in every way imaginable; our bodies, our labor, our pride, our dignity and purpose. We belonged to the demons that controlled us. “How much?!!”. I was too weak to notice the wealthy Egyptian that had taken interest in me. My task master didn’t hesitate to put me on display…” look, look, very strong hands, see he understands instructions too.” The Egyptian seemed to doubt it. Why wouldn’t he? My last meal was two days ago. In a bid to display his claims of strength my task master reached for a whip. The adrenaline in my bones weakened me even more and I collapsed under the force. I was as good as dead. I had just cost my master good profit. The Egyptian left me to his wrath. With every whip on my back, I could feel myself leaving my body. Death wouldn’t be a bad choice now. I would be free from his torments, free from the chains, free from my sorrow. I was ready to give up until the whip stopped. The world around me was still. “how much?” Did someone just price me? What good would a sick injured slave do? I could barely see his face but I could tell by his feet that he was no wealthy man. Could he really pay the price my task master demanded? There was a lot of haggling. Whatever consciousness left in me could witness the end of the bargain. I had been bought.” Take him and leave!!”. I wasn’t sure if I was to rejoice and prepare my mind for suicide. There was no way in the world this situation could get better. I mustered whatever strength was left in me to follow my new master. For some reason he reached out to me and when I caught his glance, I could see something strange in his eyes. Pure concern. That was the closest thing to love I had ever seen.  He picked me and we left the market square. All the while, I asked him why he washed my wounds and why he treated me like I was his child.
He only smiled, gave me the money my task master had priced me and started to walk away. I ran after him. What kind of strange gesture was this?. I caught up with him and tried to understand what he had just done. With tears in my eyes I offered him myself but he insisted on my freedom. “would you at least tell me your name?”. Yeshua. The carpenter? The thoughts in my head could fill a cistern but nothing added up. I snapped out of shock only to notice he was gone. I ran on from there looking for him wherever.But He was gone. I noticed a crowd going towards the lake, I asked someone who they were going to see and to my surprise, it was this same carpenter. But when i could get close enough to the boat where he was preaching, he was gone again. I made it my life duty to find him and let him know how grateful I was.

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