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Saturday, 6 October 2018

I bleed ink | Poem | Nathaniel Ace

I dream in cursive.
My wishes write themselves across the stars.
Every twinkle becomes a poem waiting to be written,
the phrases of my life can be found in chapters.

In the beach of the Lord,
Filled with Biblical Revelations.
I ride waves of words,
Each one an adventure of oceanic proportions.

What flows withing my veins,
Are raw materials of written words.
                ITS INK
Once put on paper,becomes sharper,
Than two edged swords.
                Let’s think

Every word,every sentence, every poem
In liquid format.
They rush with adrenalin,they never
Become dormant.

My heart pumps them into all parts of my body.
then the body adapts affirmatively to what it has received.
Each of the cells carry a beautiful and horrible story,
most of them even the tissues couldn’t believe.

When encountering external forces, it cuts through my skin,most times painful.
Then I begin to bleed,immediately creating phrases of good and evil.
Those phrases become sharp and precise like arrows.
And eventually cut me again, and the circle continues.

The human blood is not what keeps me living,
I’ve stepped into the void.
I feel like a dead man walking, call
Me Android.

If you’re near death and need a blood transfusion, I volunteer.
My blood group is 3:16,its works for everyone. Let’s make it clear.
I live by this ink, and this ink are prospective words.
These are not just words of my understanding, they are the Lord’s.

I live in chapters, that’s why I don’t have a homepage link.
Sometimes they cut, but it’s not odd, I bleed ink.

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