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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Five (5) important things to do before November and December 2018 | Bucket list

Things to do before November

Okay, the year is quickly coming to an end, so many activities here and there and the tendency to ignore important things that should be done. 

Don't worry Nathaniel Ace got you covered, i always got you covered.

Anyways let's jump on to the list


1. Start a Savings Plan: If you currently don't have one, you can start saving money daily against December shopping and spending. You can't start running around for money when the festive season arrives.

Review and Correct

2. Review and Correct: Remember those goals you had in the beginning of the year 😁.  I hope you have achieved them, if not reflect on the ones you have achieved and try to achieve the ones you haven't. Please be realistic, some goals would be simply impossible (Except by a miracle) to achieve in such short span of time, so you can modify them to become more realistic.


3. Shop Early: If you have enough money, buy some of the things you would need in December early. By then things would have gotten expensive. I'm you giving a free personal finance class, thank me later. Lol,  anyways buy what your money can buy early. 


4. Rekindle your relationships: This is the time to make the wise decision to communicate more with family, friends. Hey buzz that friend, so when you are planning a get together in December or you want to attend theirs, you won't look like a fair weather friend.
On a serious note family is important

Birth of Jesus 

5. Study the birth of Jesus: I know what you are thinking, this Nathaniel Ace is just too religious. Calm. Since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus (at least in recent times), why don't you grab a devotional or a plan to know what the birth mearnt so you can celebrate better and meaningfully 

You see i got your back. Which number aare you surely going to do, leave a comment below

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