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Friday, 19 October 2018


Often times, we are afraid to try
We limit ourselves; make a home of our comfort zones,
Stay within the confines we know.
And why? Because we fear.
We fear the unknown
And that which we do know
We have become so used to the unending pattern that is our lives
So much so that we fear to make a change
We fear to attempt breaking out of our unvarying cycle
But more notably, we fear to fail
We fear to fail at our various life endeavors
We fear to fail at impressing people
We fear to take that leap that plunges us to our next level
We fear to fail at that which we aim to be successful at
Thus, we fail to try, forgetting that failure to try is failure in itself
The irony of it all is that the road to success is inevitably paved with many failures.
What then is your biggest fear?
The fear of trying or the fear of succeeding?

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