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Friday, 19 October 2018


Memories of who and what I used to be seem to evade me
It feels like centuries ago when I was a pile of incessant calamities
When depression engulfed me as a cloak, specially knitted to my specification,
When Maryjane and her companions were my safe place.
Then you came like my knight in shining armor, a beam of light at the end of my dark tunnel,
You saved me from myself and gave me a different high; you gave me you.
Now, the euphoria I get from the knowledge of the fact that I am yours
And you are mine, ultimately erases my confusion
And gives reason to my insomniac nights
Life before you was a colossal void
You are my purpose for existing
My despondent countenance is lifted from its shambles
Nothing else and no one else suffices.
I can only hope that I cease to be the day you are taken away from me
Life without you is surreal
You are my highest and greatest form of pleasure, my ecstasy.

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