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Monday, 10 September 2018

Why i hate religion

I believe with everything in me that one of the worst set of people are religious people. I have seen people fed up by the christian walk not because unbelievers lured them out, but because believers chased them away.

I have been hurt by religious people so many times, people who would ridicule you, mock you, insult you and make you feel as though God loves you less, or the mistakes you've made has somehow reduced God loves towards you.

A while ago my roommate shared a story with me. He told me of how he and his friend went to a church for the first time in a long while (about 8 months), and on getting to the entrance, an usher told them they couldn't go in because of the hairstyle one of them had. My roommate replied her immediately "what if we were planning on giving our lives to Christ today? You just chased us from the church, the house of God!", He said to me that he would never set foot in any church again, just because of one incident of condemnation.

I'm not saying laws in our respective churches are bad, all I'm saying is let's learn to love unconditionally, and accept people before we correct them.

If a person feels more love on a bar stool than on a church bench, we need to buckle up.

One thing about the story of the woman caught in adultery (John 8) is that, there was a sinless person on the scene. There was a person who if He casted a stone on the woman till she died, He would be absolutely justified - Jesus. Instead He saw the purpose of God in her life 'that she should not perish but come into repentance'. Jesus saw above the law, he saw the reason and vision for the law and let her go freely with an instruction to not continue in sin.

If we can adopt this into our personal lives, more people would want to be part of the body of Christ. Jesus said they would know us by our love, so let's teach and correct each other in love.

Embrace Christianity as a lifestyle and not a religion!

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