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Monday, 17 September 2018

Message from the dead

Yedideyah, called to the ministry of reconciliation by grace.
To whom it may concern;
To all called to be saints not by merit but by grace.
I’ve been a ghost for years, but please don’t ignore,
I’m the Casper kind of a ghost
The first time I died; this is how it happened;
I was on a pew; a wretched old one, lost in the ambiguity of my mind
The clowns on stage seemed to inspire the crowd, but not me;
I was too objective to see
Unfortunately, I didn’t see what was coming; it was to be my end
The sharpest sword ever pierced through my soul
Though there were paramedics; you were left to choose
I crawled to one. My dying self, hanging on his words
I said a short prayer and that was it. My life was gone
All was gone save my consciousness
Who would have thought; life was in death
My new self was set to roam free from sin
Drenched in the blood that wasn’t mine;
I left that circus in a glee.
Like I said I’ve been a ghost for years
And this now is a clarion call;
To those full of “life”
Take a leap of faith,
Come experience the redefinition of death.

Dead to sin,

Alive in Christ

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