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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

An interview with Reverend Omar Pela

It was a privilege, to get the opportunity to ask Pastor Omar Pela Pastor of the House of Grace Church (with branches all over Nigeria, United states etc). A man whose every breath breezes out wisdom, we have to learn from His answer

Question: At what age did you begin ministry?

Reply: I gave my life to Christ at 14, so I began to serve God straight out, because if Jesus is your master,  it means you are living for Him. But more actively at 16 years old, when i was in form 5, because our fellowship then was evangelically inclined.

Question: Did you face challenges, if yes what were they?

Reply: There were challenges I faced when coming back late from; parents, police, army. There were also times when we were flogged for preaching. We stopped using our pocket money for clothes, shoes and all, we began using it for crusades (if that's a challenge, then okay); I also did not fail an exam in school until I gave my life to Christ.

Question: How did you handle the conflict between your parents and church activities?

Reply: There is a difference between punishment and persecution. I make sure I do all my house chores and tasks at home before going to church. Although they still beat me for coming late (but I received it with joy, because there was this peace I had immediately I gave my life to Christ).

Question: What level of friendship should we keep with our previous unbeliever friends when we become born again?

Reply: When I became a Christain, the conversations I had with my unbeliever friends changed because the things they were interested in no longer interests me. They began becoming uncomfortable discussing these things around me, they began drifting away from the friendship, till they became just people I knew.

Question: Did you ever feel like giving up and how did you pass through that stage?

Reply: In my 36 years of being a Christain and walking with Christ, I have never been burnt out or felt like giving up.

Did you have any colleagues who at some point seemed to be doing better, and how did you overcome that feeling?

Reply: As far as I was concerned, every pastor, christain or colleague in the fellowship were doing far better than I was doing. I never got jealous, I just got motivated that there is still more inside of me.

When people under you are inefficient, how do you deal with them?

Reply: I either carry out the task by myself or I assist them in performing it.

Last words to christain teenagers out there:

Ministry is not just when you hold a microphone or stand behind the pulpit, ministry is your everyday life and everything you set your heart to do as a christain. Let God's word control you in every aspect of your life.

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