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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Nathaniel Ace Creates a blog - First post

Nathaniel Ace - 2017

I recently had a poll on my Instagram Page on the idea 💡 of having a blog, or a YouTube channel, it was a close poll leaving the YouTube channel on top. I have always been skeptical about having a personal blog, because I fear the danger of not having regular viewers and subscribers. But, the poll gave a sense of encouragement because they poll had a whole lot of participants.

Without wasting your time, let me give a clue of the:

              Things you would find in Nathace blog/website

  1. Conspiracy Theories: We are going to embark on knowledge rewarding journeys into some deep questions like - Did Adolf Hitler die when they said he did, Did Jesus really exist: any evidence of Him outside of the Bible?, Does the United States have a hand in the sponsoring of terrorists, did Islam really start with Mohammed etc. I promise never to put out any content of which I am not sure of, proper research and strong references would be given for any authoritative statements I make, no biasness.
  2. Articles of Various Genre: So many write these days, so much content Is being spread across the web. But very few are original, of quality and unequivocally true. Here you would find jor dropping, educative, mind enlarging, interesting articles in almost every genre from political to religion to Education to Study habits to Relationship and so much more 
  3. A lot of downloadable resources: Looking for that catalog that would readily meet your needs based on Ebooks, Videos, Music etc. Wemay offer up Ebooks for free doesn't mean they are valueless, its simply saying they are priceless so why attach such an high price when the goal Is to help people grow. 
  4. Nathaniel Ace Poems/Spokenword/Podcasts/Events: A little update here and there about Nathaniel Ace stuffs. Read poem and Spokenword lyrics before a video is released, event that He would be performing in, podcasts etc. Just some added stuffs. 
  5. Gist and Gossips: A blog without gist almost seems like an incomplete dish being served to customers at a restaurant. S-class news updates as it gets in, but the type of updates bring posted here would be highly filtered and sure that it doesn't send out wrong signals to viewers and readers. 
  6. Question and Answers: Readers ask questions through Instagram or the contact form in this website and one question would be answered once a week. Keep those your - what age should we start dating, is alcohol a sin, questions. Answers are on their way. I actually ask questions on my instagram stories regularly and hardly share my views, but not any more 
  7. Comics: Imagine an interesting story filled with relatable lessons to different people told in a uniquely presented Style. No, don't imagine, its here already.
  8. Quality Videos: All yee that voted YouTube, Don't worry i got you covered.
So many other things like series, challenges, sales of products, award giving etc. But i am already tired of typing all of this. 😂. 
I hope you relate and feel personal everytime you join us on this blog on the Journey of knowledge and Understanding. 

Please subscribe before leaving don't be left behind in things that would be going on. 

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